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Ours is an information business, guided by a simple equation: the more we know of your needs, the better we understand prevailing market conditions, the more successful our work on your behalf. And so InSite Real Estate Group pursues every knowledge-based advantage, from mapping software to active memberships in professional associations. Routinely, we rely on proven, long-standing associates in architecture, construction, engineering, law, and finance, incorporating their wise advice in our recommendations to your decision-making. What’s more, we believe in collaborating with other real estate brokers and developers whenever their participation might be in any way beneficial: you deserve full and open cooperation among all your advisors.

InSite Real Estate Group (InSite) is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage, management, and development company based in Wichita, Kansas. InSite was formed in 1999 to provide comprehensive services to clients in the fields of office, retail, industrial, land, and investment real estate. Our combination of expertise and collaboration creates a team of professionals working together to best serve our clients’ needs.

The more we know of your needs, the more successful our work on your behalf.

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